Snackfood analysis applications

Screen ingredients

Screening incoming ingredients not only helps you prevent out-of-spec materials entering production, but allows you to segregate by quality and use ingredients to their full potential as well.

NIR instruments quickly determine the composition of flour and other ingredients providing immediate screening capabilities. Measure moisture, protein, fat, ash and more in only seconds. The Rapid Visco Analyser measures performance characteristics such as pasting, gelation, and viscosity in ingredients including masa, flour, stabilizers, starches and more.

Monitor & optimize production

The better understanding you have of the state of the production process, the easier it is to control and optimize. Our NIR instruments are particularly useful as they provide results in real-time when installed in the process or in just a few seconds when using the benchtop versions. Optimize frying, baking and seasoning to reduce waste and improve product consistency.

Verify finished product quality

When ingredients have been properly screened and the production process is being monitored, you have set a strong foundation for product quality. However, it does not alleviate the need for fi nal product verifi cation. Our texture analyzer verifies textural properties including crispiness, sponginess and more. NIR instruments quickly verify amount of seasoning, moisture, and fat content.