Snackfood instruments

Our analyzers help you reduce waste, achieve consistent quality and develop new and improved products.

DA 7440 On-line NIR snackfood sensor

The DA 7440 measures moisture, fat and flavorings in all types of fried, extruded or baked products - over conveyor belts and similar positions. Based on the latest diode array NIR technology it provides accurate real-time measurement, and requires no recalibration at product switch-overs.


By using a full NIR spectrum instead of only a few fixed wavelengths, the DA 7440 outperforms previous filter technology NIR guages. The past problems of frequent adjustments and poor accuracy are solved, and additional capabilities such as flavoring measurement are made possible. Using the full NIR spectrum it's even possible to measure products with different flavorings using only one calibration, which reduces waste when switching between products.

The web-based software makes it very easy to view measurements wherever you are. Current readings as well as trend charts can displayed on the optional 12" touchscreen and through web browsers on any device connected to the local network. The DA 7440 can also be integrated with plant control systems through various interfaces.


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DA 7250 At-line NIR

In only 6 seconds the DA 7250 determines moisture, fat, seasonings and more in ingredients, intermediates and finished products with outstanding accuracy. It's robust, easy to use and designed to be used in food production environments. As samples are analyzed in open-faced dishes no cleaning is required between samples, and results are operator independent. 


Major snackfood producers use the DA 7250 directly on the production floor to rapidly verify product quality. This helps them decrease wastage, for example by being able to quickly adjust the seasoning addition or the frying process without having to wait for lab results.

The DA 7250 SD version is designed for use in the food industry. Its sanitary design limits surfaces, crevices and other locations where food material could adhere. This makes it easy to clean, thereby reducing opportunities for microbial growth.

Its stainless steel design and open analysis area makes it ideal for use anytime hygienic or cleaning requirements are high, such as in food production environments, in dusty or dirty conditions, or when samples are messy. The DA 7250 SD is IP65 certified.

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RVA Performance Analyzer

Ingredients such as corn flour, rice flour or wheat flour don't always behave as expected, even when apparently meeting specifications. The world's leading snackfood manufacturers use the Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) to measure the real performance of incoming ingredients, as well as their finished snackfoods. Waste is minimized, and product performance is optimized.


The RVA was designed to determine starch pasting characteristics and is an ideal tool to determine how starchy ingredients will behave in the production process. Starch contributes to texture, flavor, color, nutritional value and shelf life stability of snackfoods, but its properties vary between different batches of flour and some batches will not perform as expected. Using the RVA ingredient batches which could cause issues in production can be identified before they are used, avoiding waste.

As a screening tool, the RVA can identify abnormal incoming flour, irregularities in dry mixing, and deviations in extruder performance as soon as possible. This keeps abnormal ingredients from entering the productions, keeps abnormal intermediates from progressing further, and keeps bad product out of packaging.

The RVA can evaluate all phases of extruded product from raw material, during production to finished product. It assesses the gelatinization characteristics of starch and other starchy ingredients and degree of cook of mix formulations and extruded finished products.

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TVT Texture Analyzer

The TVT 6700 texture analyzer provides objective testing of snackfood characteristics. Test crispiness and more in potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded snacks, pretzels, cookies and many other types of snacks. Use standardized test profiles or develop your own.


A wide range of accessories and methods are available, allowing you to test different texture characteristics. 

Cookie texture analysis

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