Analyzers for resin production

DA 7250™ At-line NIR Analyzer

The DA 7250™ NIR analyzer determines dry content, molar ratio and other key resin parameters in as little as 6 seconds. The use of time consuming and expensive wet chemical methods can be reduced. Shipments can be approved and released faster. Out-of-spec resins are identified faster and corrective measures can be made sooner.

  • Save time and chemicals
  • Approve batches more quickly
  • If batch is out of spec, find out immediately and modify if possible
  • Test resin just before delivery, to verify it is still within specifications

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Rapid Visco Analyser

The RVA is a viscosity meter provides rheology data on resins, wax emulsions and other additives. Determine Gel Time in as little as 20 minutes.

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