Save Money and improve Quality

Formulating and then producing petfoods in an economical manner, while maintaining quality and palatability, in a competitive environment is a challenging proposal. Perten Instruments offers several analyzers to help meet these often contradictory goals.

Formulating New Products

Whether creating new meat inclusion products or testing a new functional ingredient such as xanthum gum, Perten can help speed the product development process. Use the Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) to identify the necessary properties of ingredients to consistently produce quality petfood. It can also be used to test new ingredients for cost optimization or functionality. By analyzing these products with the TVT Texture Analyzer, R&D and Product Developers can make certain new products meet quality and palatability requirements for wet petfoods and pellet durability needs for kibble.

Test Your Ingredients

Petfood ingredients have both compositional and functional requirements. Some ingredients are purchased to meet nutritional requirements while others are purchased to ensure characteristics such as durability, palatable texture, or proper binding. Perten can help with both.

The DA 7250™ measures ingredients for constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, fiber and ash – simultaneously - in as little as 6 seconds. It’s fast, accurate, easy-to-use, versatile and robust. The DA 7250™ is by some of the smallest specialty companies to some of the largest.

The RVA is used to screen ingredients to make certain they will perform prior to entering the production stream. With this knowledge adjustments or additions can be made to limit production downtime and waste/re-work materials.

Measure In-Process

Our DA 7300™ and DA 7440™ in-line and on-line instruments are unparalleled for process monitoring. The results from these instruments are used to optimize blending of ingredients and meats, optimize the drying process, and monitor spray-on fat additions.

Optimize drying

A too high moisture content means a risk of fungal infection, but if the moisture content is too low you are giving away product for free. The DA 7250™ makes it possible to determine moisture content after the dryer, for immediate adjustment of drying time and temperature.

Optimize fat spraying

Using a DA 7250™ you will be able to optimize the fat spraying of pellets, helping you to save money and meet the nutritional requirements. As an analysis is done in seconds and requires no sample grinding, it is very easy to measure and adjust the fat content of the product.

Ensure Quality

Our instruments help make certain that what leaves your production facility meets the demands of your customers. The RVA determines the Degree of Cook of extruded products ensuring digestibility. The DA 7250™ and DA 7300™ ensure the products meet nutritional requirements. And finally, the TVT makes certain that the product will hold up to handling and shipping while still being palatable to pets.