Perten Petfood Customers

Perten Instruments is an active partner with many Petfood companies throughout the world. With its speed, ease of use, and sampling flexibility, the introduction of DA 7200 has opened many avenues for savings, increases in processing efficiency, and improvements in product quality for all sizes of operations. A few examples are listed below:

Nestlé Purina

Nestlé uses the DA 7200 at pet food production facilities including several located in Germany and Hungary. The instruments are used for quality control of many different types and formulations of pet foods. The transferability of calibrations on the DA 7200 allows Nestle to maximize its use while minimizing support and development costs.


Nola is a South African pet food manufacturer with a long standing relationship with Perten. Beginning with the Inframatic model in the 1980s, Nola has since added Diode Array technology and enjoys considerable time savings as it analyzes samples intact removing the time consuming steps of grinding, sample packing, and cleaning. Nola monitors drying time and temperature, as well as fat addition with their NIR instruments. Read more about how Nola use their Perten NIR.


Rupp is a family owned, premium pet food manufacturer. Their strategy is to be at the technological forefront allowing them to produce the highest quality products, with flexibility, at a competitive cost. The DA 7200 is a tool that provides that competitive advantage required by ever changing market conditions and competition encountered by Rupp.