Texture Analyzer TVT 6700

The TVT 6700 determines key texture properties such as firmness, stickiness and springiness of all types of pasta and noodle products. It's user-friendly, efficient and versatile, with rigs and probes to quantify a wide range of textural properties of cooked as well as uncooked pasta and noodle products.


With the TVT 6700 you can measure according to standardized methods, and develop customized methods using our wide range of probes and rigs. Our customers perform measurements such as:

  • Firmness
  • Stickiness
  • Tensile and cohesive strength
  • Flexibility and extensibility
  • Springiness, cohesiveness and resilience

The TVT 6700 applies controlled conditions of stress or strain to food and other samples to measure a complete texture profile. Data is captured as a graph and stored in a tabular data base for analysis and export to spreadsheet programs.