While the protein content in semolina and flour is important, its gluten characteristics are critical. The Glutomatic is the world standard for measuring gluten quantify and Gluten Index in wheat, durum, flour and semolina. It's rapid, reproducible and does not require technical staff for its operation.



Gluten is the key protein component and the gluten quality and quantity has great impact on the processing characteristics and end product quality. A very low gluten quantity or low Gluten Index results in a sticky dough with poor extrusion properties, so higher gluten content and Gluten Index are desirable. However, different types of pasta products have different requirements.

Gluten strength, or a high Gluten Index, is more important in instant pastas as they need more strength during processing. Pasta which is to be sold as fresh however, requires a more extensible dough and weaker gluten to improve sheeting properties.