DA 7250™ At-line NIR

The DA 7250™ NIR analyzer offers superior performance and versatility. In only 6 seconds it determines moisture, protein, ash, fat and more in ingredients like flour, eggs, seasonings and oils as well as finished pasta and noodles. In most cases samples are analyzed as they are, with no grinding or other sample preparation required, making it the fastest and most easy-to-use analyzer available.


Touch screen operation and intuitive software make the DA 7250™ easy to use. Its sanitary design and IP65 classification means you can place it anywhere, even in production areas. Windows connectivity makes it easy to connect to printers, barcode readers, etc. to facilitate use and sharing of analysis results.

Use it to check that incoming ingredients meet specifications, test intermediate products for process control, and verify finished product quality. Its speed and ease of use make it possible to perform many more analyses than with traditional methods, giving you a full understanding of your process which helps you reduce waste and improve quality.