Save Money and improve Quality

Raw material intake

Perten Instruments offer moisture meters and NIR instruments for quality control of incoming oilseeds. Rapid and accurate determination of moisture, oil, fatty acid profile, protein and more will enable you to pay the right price for the oilseed you purchase.

Pressing and extraction

The DA 7250™ NIR Analyzer will determine the oil content and more in presscake and expeller in only 6 seconds. You don't need to grind the sample before it is analyzed, and there are no cups to pack and clean. Just pour the sample into the open-faced dish, place it in the analyzer and press start. The instrument can be placed at-line and process operators will confidently use it, enabling immediate process control. We have examples of customers who were able to tighten their specification of oil content in the presscake by one percentage point after they started working with the DA 7250™.


With the DA 7250™ you will be able to get phosporus results in a few seconds. The analysis is easy and doesn't require any chemicals or an equipped lab.

FFA removal

6-second determination of oil FFA content will give you the information you need to determine the optimal conditions for the neutralization.

Oilseed meal drying

The DA 7250™ will give you accurate moisture results in seconds, which makes it possible to truly optimize drying. Increase profit by minimizing moisture safety margins, while avoiding product quality issues. As the DA 7250™ was designed for at-line use, and does not require samples to be ground prior to analysis, there is no time lag from when a sample is pulled from the process until the results are available.

Verification of oilseed meal nutritional content

The price of oilseed meal depends on its composition. Using the DA 7250™ you will be able to determine moisture, protein and other nutritional parameters without any wet chemistry analyses.