Analyzers for oilseed milling


DA 7250™ At-line NIR Analyzer

Determine moisture, protein, oil, FFA and more in oilseeds, oil, intermediates and meals – in only 6 seconds. No grinding, drying or other sample preparation is required, making it the fastest NIR instrument available. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.


DA 7300™ In-line NIR Sensor

The DA 7300™ provides real-time measurement in your process - of moisture, oil, protein and more. The instrument is specifically designed to measure inside a chamber or vessel and can be installed in various process points for analysis on oilseed, meals and more. It can be integrated with your process control systems. Read more about the DA 7300™ In-line NIR.



Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer

For those who only need quality control of incoming oilseed shipments, the Inframatic 9500 is the choice. In less than 30 seconds it determines moisture, protein, oil and more in oilseeds at raw material intake. Read more about the Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer


Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Determine moisture and test weight in all kinds of oilseeds in only 10 seconds. The Aquamatic is based on recent development work performed by the USDA and is the most accurate moisture meter available. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.