Customer Case Story


Nola is a South African company processing agricultural raw materials such as soybeans, sunflower seeds and corn into a variety of products. The company was founded back in the 1940s, and started out as a farm. It has grown substantially since then, and is now the South African market leader for several of its products. Nola had been using Perten Inframatic NIR instruments for about 10 years, but wanted to know how the latest technology could be used to improve their operation.

Perten solution

Perten presented the Diode Array instrument, using modern diode array NIR technology. One of its most important feature is the ability to analyze inhomogeneous samples of all kinds without drying or grinding.

Practical experiences

Over the years Nola has experienced several benefits of their Perten NIR instruments.

The ability of the Diode Array to analyze inhomogeneous samples meant that Nola were able to tighten their specification of oil in the soybean press-cakes by one percentage point, thereby considerably increasing the efficiency of their oil crushing plant. In economical terms the advantages were so large that the Nola management decided to purchase a second Diode Array equipment from Perten Instruments.

With the Diode Array Feed Analyzer Nola analyzes both whole sunflower seeds and soybeans, avoiding tedious sample grinding. An immediate effect of this was that the four employees who were working with sample preparation were able to move on to other tasks that create more value to Nola.