Perten Oilseed Milling Customers

A large number of oilseed processing companies around the world have chosen to invest in analyzers from Perten Instruments, and we’d like to present a few of them.


Nola is a South African company that processes soybeans and sunflower seeds. They have used Inframatic instruments from Perten for many years, and decided to improve their quality control by adding two units of our Diode Array NIR instrument. The result was an optimized oil extraction, and savings in the lab as there no longer was a need to grind samples. Read more about how Nola benefit from Perten analyzers.

Campa AG

The largest oilseed crushing plant in Germany, Campa AG, uses a DA 7200™ NIR Analyzer to analyze incoming rapeseed. In the past samples were sent to an outside lab and it took days before the analysis results came back. With the DA 7200™ rapeseed shipments can be tested for oil content immediately on arrival, and results are available in just seconds. Campa AG is very satisfied with the investment as the rapid results means that a classification can be carried out even before the goods are offloaded. Should the oil content be outside specifications, a claim can be made against the supplier. This benefit alone pays for the investment, and as an added benefit the DA 7200™ has helped Campa AG to make significant savings on external lab costs.

Yihai Oils & Grains

Yihai Oils & Grains Industries Co.,Ltd  is a Chinese oilseed processing group which processes soybeans, peanuts and sesame seeds. The primary products are edible oils for the food industry, and high-protein meals that are used in the animal feed industry. Their five DA 7200™ units are used for raw material quality control, process optimization and for verification of the final products.