Higher quality and efficiency in sausage production

Keeping products within specification while raw materials vary in composition is a challenge in sausage production. Fluctuations in fat  content lead to out-of-spec sausages and large unnecessary lean meat give if not measured and controlled in a timely manner.

Fast and accurate product measurement is a vital help produce quality sausages while  ensuring production profitability.  

Raw Material control

Measure incoming meat on the DA 7250™ and binders and fillers on the RVA performance analyzer. Use the protein and fat results to verify received meat and plan production. The RVA results help keep bad ingredients from shutting down the process thereby reducing scrap, re-work, and down-time. The immediate availability of results means you can make changes and adjustments quickly.

Production control

Use the DA 7250™ At-analyzer and DA 7300™/DA 7440™ in process analyzers to optimize the production process. Control the fat content in the mixing stage to reduce lean meat give-away and required mixing time. Produce products closer to targets, reduce scrap/re-work, and – since the measurement is continuous – obtain a results finger print of the entire batch run.

Final product control

Analyze final products to ensure the sausage is in compliance with the specified nutritional content and has consistent batch-to-batch quality. Measurement records can be stored and the need for wet chemistry lab sampling is reduced.

The DA 7250™ measures fat, moisture, protein, collagen, salt, and ash content in a few seconds in all sausage products. Water activity in salami type sausage can also be measured for product shelf life optimization. Use the TVT- Texture analyzer to test functional properties such as firmness and toughness of finished sausages.