Rapid analysis of moisture, fat & protein in MSC

Accurate control of moisture, protein, and fat in mechanically separated poultry is important for quality and cost-effective production. Accurate blending is vital to profitability. Fat and protein are cost drivers while moisture impacts viability, texture, and use of the products. In all instances, cost savings are dependent upon the accuracy of the analyses and the availability of real-time results.

Production control

Use the DA 7250™ at-analyzer and DA 7300™/DA 7440™ in-process analyzers to optimize the production process.  The DA 7300™ is integrates directly into the process. MSC flows by the window and is continuously analyzed for a complete profile of the entire production run. Use the results to manually or automatically blend for optimum fat and/or protein content.

Final product control

Measure the final product to ensure it is in compliance with its specifications. This reduces customer claims rework, scrap, or downgrade of produced product.  The DA 7250™ SD accurately measures moisture, protein, fat, and ash in fresh and frozen mechanically separated poultry products.

MSC based products

The DA 7250™ can be used to check incoming MSC raw material, pet foods, sausage products and more  to ensure the raw material meets specifications and improve consistency in produced product.

NIR at-line, on-line, process analysis of mechanically separated chicken