Perten customers in grain trade and collection

A large number of companies in grain collection and trade around the world have chosen to invest in analyzers from Perten Instruments, and we’d like to present a few of them.


The State Administration of Grain in China is a government body responsible for increasing the quality of Chinese grain. An important tool is the use of quality control equipment at official labs. In a tender for approximately 20 NIR grain analyzers SAG evaluated instruments from several manufacturers, and settled for the Perten Inframatic Grain Analyzer. SAG also use Falling Number units, Glutomatics and the SKCS.


Raiffeisen is the largest farmer’s cooperative in Germany, and has grain receival stations across the country. Perten Instruments has been a supplier to Raiffeisen for more than 30 years and have equipped a large number of the stations with equipment. Approximately 150 NIR wholegrain analyzers are installed, as well as numerous Falling Number instruments and a number of Glutomatic systems.