Economic benefits

Improved lab efficiency

With the Inframatic NIR Grain Analyzer you no longer need multiple instruments to determine important quality parameters. One unit takes care of all the necessary tests such as moisture, protein, bulk density, oil or starch. The result is that one operator can perform many more tests in the same time, and you can run the lab using fewer employees.

No sprout damaged grain

A Falling Number instrument can pay back its own cost by detecting one single delivery of sprout damaged grain. Mixing in as little as 5% sprout damaged grain can turn the whole silo into feed grade product. With a Falling Number unit in your lab, this will never happen. Download our FN mix calculation table here (pdf document).

Pay the right price

Both the Glutomatic and the SKCS 4100 will help you verify that the product delivered to you is according to specifications. If it's not, you will know its characteristics and can set the correct price. For large shipments, a small price difference in your favor will pay the price of the analyzer.