Analyzers for food production

DA 7250™ At-line NIR Food Analyzer

6-second highly accurate NIR analysis of all types of food samples with no or minimal sample preparation. The DA 7250™ is IP65 certified and perfect for at-line use. It's designed to meet hygienic requirements and is very easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel housing and open analysis area. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.


DA 7300™ In-line NIR Food Analyzer

The DA 7300™ measures moisture, fat, protein and more directly in your process, and is approved by the USDA for use in dairy and meat processing. It can be mounted in for example pipes, chutes and mixers. See results in number and trend charts on a separate monitor, or integrate into existing plant control systems. Read more about the DA 7300™ In-line NIR.


DA 7440™ On-line NIR Food Analyzer

The DA 7440™ is an advanced, modern and versatile on-line NIR analyzer for over-the-belt type measurements. It performs real-time multi-constituent analysis of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring. Read more about the DA 7440™ On-line NIR.



A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer to mimic the manufacture and user preparation of foods and beverages containing hydrocolloids, starches and proteins as thickeners, texturizers, viscosifiers, gelling agents, stabilizers and clarifiers. Use the RVA as a "Miniature Pilot Plant" for rapid, economical product development. Read more about the RVA.


TVT Texture Analyzer

The TVT 6700 texture analyser is user-friendly, efficient and versatile, with rigs and probes to quantify textural properties of a range of food products and materials. It is used in many food applications for texture analysis of breads, snackfoods, dairy products, meats, fruits and vegetables among other food products. Read more about the TVT texture analyzer.


The Glutomatic System

The world standard test for gluten content and quality in whole meal and flour. The gluten content and quality by gluten index correlates to the final pasta/noodle properties, and the quick test enable grading of the raw material and may allow for varying doses of additives. Read more about the Glutomatic.