Flour quality

The uses of flour are many and varied. Breads flour performance requirements differ from cakes which differ from noodles which differ from bake mixes - thus creating the numerous demands of flour types today. Flour is a dynamic product with both constituent and functional requirements. Constituents such as protein and ash generally dictate the end-use of flour. These parameters are quickly analyzed using our near-infrared instruments - either in real-time on-line or at-line.

However, the fact that these specifications are met does not ensure the flour will perform. Quality of the protein and starch is just as important as the quantity. The Glutomatic measures protein quality, the doughLAB measures dough making capabilities of the protein complex, the RVA measures starch qualities important in noodle, cake, and cookie production, and the Falling Number Method ensures that sprout damage will not ruin the whole lot.

Perten Instruments offers the tools you need for full quality control. Our instruments help you determine the quality of the grain you purchase, monitor your milling process for optimal efficiency, and ensure that your final flours and bakery mixes meet quality and performance specifications.