Analyzers for feed milling

DA 7250™ NIR Feed Analyzer

Employing the latest NIR technology it determines nutritional composition of ingredients and finished feed in only 6 seconds. No grinding, drying or other sample preparation is required, making it the fastest NIR instrument available. Measure moisture, protein, fat, amino acids and many additional parameters. The DA 7250™ is IP65 rated, dust-proof and can be placed in production areas. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.


DA 7300™ In-line NIR Sensor

The DA 7300™ measures moisture, protein, fat and more in real-time in the process. Designed for installation in pipes, chutes and similar it can installed at various points in the process. It readily integrates with plant control systems and can be used for monitoring or process control. Read more about the DA 7300™ In-line NIR.


Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Determine moisture and test weight in grains and feed pellets. The Aquamatic is based on recent development work performed by the USDA and is the most accurate moisture meter available. Read more about the AM 5200 Moisture Meter.