Svenska Foder

Customer Case Story

Svenska Foder is a Swedish feed manufacturer with four production sites. NIR has always been a cornerstone in their quality assurance work, and the company purchased their first NIR instrument – a Perten Inframatic 8100 – as early as 1984. When Perten Instruments approached Svenska Foder with the Diode Array 7200, the feed manufacturer saw it as an opportunity to achieve a higher quality level at the same time as lowering costs.

After a thorough evaluation Svenska Foder decided to equip all four of its facilities with the DA 7200. “The DA 7200 is a very exciting instrument, and we are very happy with the cooperation with Perten Instruments”, says Per-Anders Lindqvist, Quality Manager at Svenska Foder.

The first application was analysis of finished feeds for process control and verification of the end products. Rather than establishing a lab, Svenska Foder decided to make the production staff responsible for product quality. Sampling, analysis and follow-up is done by the process operators. “With the DA 7200 the process operators are much more committed to the quality of the feeds they produce”, says Per-Anders Lindqvist. “They do not let any batches through that do not meet specifications.”

As a result, Svenska Foder are much more confident in the feeds they produce and sell. Previously it would take days to get analytical results, as samples were sent to a central lab. By that time the feed would already have been shipped and consumed, and there was no possibility to take action in case a batch had not met specifications. Today, no batch leaves the facilities unless it has been tested and approved, and sales representatives can immediately access the analytical records should a customer have questions about the product received. These improvements have been achieved at the same time as lab costs have decreased.