Perten Feed Customers

A large number of feed companies around the world have chosen to invest in the DA 7200 Feed Analyzer, and we’d like to present a few of them.

Svenska Foder is a Swedish feed manufacturer with four sites, all of them equipped with the DA 7200 NIR Feed Analyzer. Their primary goal was to improve product quality while saving on external lab costs, and they are very pleased to have achieved that. Svenska Foder has placed their DA 7200s at-line for quality assurance of the finished feeds and for process optimization. 

UFA AG is the leading Swiss feed producer, with four plants and over 100 different feeds produced. The DA 7200 NIR Feed Analyzer helps them get significantly closer to targets in production, and save up to €50,000 yearly in decreased wet chemistry costs.

Garant is the leading Austrian feed company. They produce a wide range of feeds in four facilities. In order to optimize raw materials usage and decrease analytical costs they invested in the Diode Array Feed Analyzer for all of their sites. All ingredients received are tested and the results are used for fine-tuning of the formulations. All four instruments are connected to a centrally located database server for automatic storage of all analytical records.

Afgri is the largest South African farmers cooperative. All of their feed production facilities are equipped with DA 7200 units.