Analysis of yoghurt, cheese spreads and sauces

Savings potential

The DA 7250™ SD NIR instrument analyzes these types of samples in only 6 seconds. Thanks to disposable analysis cups there is no need for clean-up after analysis. Rapid analysis of moisture/solids, protein and fat provide the means to save money on ingredients while improving consistency.

Quality improvements

The RVA provides unique opportunities to test these products where functional properties are key to quality.

Extremely repeatable, user-friendly, rapid analysis of texture, viscosity, “mouth feel,” effects of shear, heat, cold and enzymatic activity.

Cheese and processed cheese spreads
Analyze melting characteristics, viscosity of melted cheese, gelling characteristics of whey protein concentrates, and the hydration index of rennet caseinate.

Sauces (cheese and otherwise)
Often, users can mimic the cooking/preparation process automatically, entirely within the instrument and without constant attention from the operator. Assess thickening, viscosity breakdown, melting, and starch pasting characteristics quickly, easily and reliably.