Rapid Test for Milk Antibiotic Residue

The Bioo AuroFlow™ lateral flow test strips are designed for the detection of a broad range of antibiotics in raw, commingled cow’s milk.

These rapid tests detect 14 beta-lactam antibiotics, major tetracyclines, and 11 major sulfonamides in milk at or below the sensivitities required to adhere to EU and CODEX Maximum Residue Limits (MRL). The combo kits allow simultaneous detection of different classes of antibiotic residues.

The AuroFlow™ BTS Combo Kit can detect more antibiotics at or below the MRL, compared to any other available kit. These state-of-the-art tests also use novel binding proteins which eliminate the need for a heating block. Validation reports are available showing the efficacy of the tests in both room temperature and cold milk.

It only takes 7 minutes perform the test and it can be carried out practically by anybody. The procedure is shown in the graphic below.

To learn more, download the AuroFlow brochure here.