Dairy powder analysis

Variety of uses

Dairy powders are used as ingredients in many different types of foods. The diversity of uses places stringent specifications - both nutritional and functional. The NIR / RVA combination will help you to meet all of your customers' needs allowing you to customize products for specific uses - be it a milk powder for pudding production or a whey protein powder for protein supplements.

Optimize moisture and composition  using NIR

The DA 7250™ NIR Analyzer determines multiple parameters in all sorts of dairy powders in just 6 seconds. Simply pour the sample into the open-faced dish, select the product, and press the ANALYZE button. The results are then available in 6 seconds. The speed and ease-of-use allows even your plant operators to analyze all batches.

The DA 7300™ In-line NIR measures moisture, fat, protein and more in real-time in your production process.Use it to optimize drying or verify conformity with specifications. The continuous measurement provides better information on your process than a grab sample does.

Measurements of physical properties such as viscosity and gelling

The RVA provides valuable information as to how powders will perform under various conditions in various matrices. Test the dairy powder as it is and determine properties such as gelling temperature or detect heat damage due to processing or storage . You can also test it as a component within a given formulation, ramp the temperature and mixing speeds up and down, and measure responses to these stressors over time.

Uses and benefits:

  • Monitor quality and detect product variation such as gelling temperature
  • Detect manufacturing variation
  • Save money through moisture content optimization
  • Save money by reducing re-work and scrap
  • Use the RVA to ensure proper performance at customer site
  • Small sample size and efficient temperature transfer often speed up cold gelation, reducing the time required to create and test a finished product.