Cheese Analyzers

Analysis Instruments for Cheese Processors

Test compositional and functional properties of cheese ingredients, by-products and finished cheeses.

DA 7250™ NIR Dairy AnalyzerDA 7250 SD Sanitary Design NIR At-line Analyzer for food and ingredients

The DA 7250™ tests samples for multi-components in just seconds. Test dairy powders, liquid samples, and finished cheeses for moisture, fat, protein and more – all on one instrument. Many sample types are analyzed using non-contact sampling - requiring little or no sample prep and little or no cleaning – removing cross-contamination and sample cell errors. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR Dairy Analyzer.

Rapid Visco Analyser

Rapid Visco Analyser for Ingredients and Cheese AnalysisFunctional properties of cheese and ingredients are analysed using the RVA (Rapid Visco Analyser) and the TVT Texture Analyzer. The RVA measures properties such as gel temperature, pasting and many others. Of interest to cheese makers is the cheese melt test. This test allows users to optimize blends of cheeses to ensure processed cheeses perform as required. Read more about the RVA.

TVT Texture Analyzer

TVT Texture AnalyzerThe TVT measures various textural properties of cheese and other dairy products by cutting, pulling, pushing, and poking samples and measuring force response over time. The TVT is used in R&D/Product Development to test effects of new ingredients or suppliers and used in Production/Quality Control to ensure consistent quality. Use the TVT to measure properties such as cutting force, gel strength, springiness, gumminess, extensibility and much more. Read more about the TVT Texture Analyzer.