Cheese analysis

What’s in your cheese

Measure Moisture, Fat, pH, and Salt in cheese in just 6 seconds using the DA 7250™ NIR analysis system. Analyze grated, blocks, slices, or core samples. Samples are analyzed in open faced dishes minimizing sample prep and there is no clean-up. Analyze large volumes of samples to ensure the sample is representative of an entire batch./p>

Formulate processed cheeses

Natural cheese is often a blend of cheeses. There are many choices for emulsifying salts and many other optional ingredients depending upon desired flavor and functional characteristics. During manufacture, the cheese and other ingredients are mixed and melted (usually 70-85°C) into a homogeneous mass. Formulation can therefore be quite difficult:

1. Selected blend of natural cheeses is variable and constantly changing
2. Manufacturing system and parameters influence functionality
3. Optional ingredients influence functionality and cost
4. Cost of a formula is variable.

The different RVA parameters provide different information about the process cheese. Minimum viscosity is a measure of how flowable the cheese is when held at a fixed temperature. The melting and solidification temperatures indicate how soon a cheese begins melting when heated and how quickly a cheese solidifies on cooling. It is possible to use a combination of the minimum viscosity, melting temperature and solidification temperature to differentiate otherwise similar cheeses and determine the fitness of a batch of cheese for different foods such as pizza, sauces, dips or other products.

Uses and benefits:

  • Optimize use of ingredients
  • Monitor cheese quality quickly and accurately
  • Save money by reducing re-work
  • Improve customer retention through delivery of consistent quality products
  • Formulate processed cheeses to exact specifications
  • Use the RVA as a miniature pilot plant to test performance of new ingredients
  • Minimize use of ingredients such as emulsifiers while maintaining desired functionality and minimizing cost of raw materials