Cheese powder analysis

Important ingredient:

Cheese powders are used in many packaged and instant foods including macaroni and cheese, rice dishes, snackfoods, soups and sauces. The cheese powder is often a very important nutritional component of the dish. It is almost always a very important functional component of the meal. The cheese powder serves as the primary thickening agent in macaroni and cheese dishes for instance. If the cheese powder is not formulated properly, the customer will be dissatisfied as the end result will be a soupy mac and cheese or a chunky mac and cheese. Cheese powders must also adhere to materials when applied to foods such as chips.
The DA 7250™ NIR Dairy Analyzer determines:

  • Moisture
  • Fat
  • Salt
  • Color (L, a, b)

Check product performance:

The RVA allows you to measure your product’s functionality before it leaves your facility. Your customers therefore can rest assured that your product will meet their use demands. Cook up cheese powders and monitor gelling and pasting properties just as the customer will use it. Record the results and “fingerprints” for comparison and verification.

Uses and benefits:

  • Optimize use of ingredients
  • Monitor cheese powder quality quickly and accurately
  • Save money by reducing re-work
  • Improve customer retention through delivery of consistent quality
  • Use the RVA as a miniature pilot plant to create finished cheese sauces from the powder exactly as the user would
  • Evaluate the functional characteristics of the resultant sauce