Recommended analyzers for plant breeders

Perten Instruments offers tools that give breeders more information on the cultivars they work with. Our methods and instruments are accepted throughout the industry, ensuring agreement of analytical results and cultivar characteristics between you and your customers. 

DA 7250™

Determine multiple parameters in only 6 seconds with this state-of-the-art NIR instrument. Sample sizes as small as a few grains can be analyzed. Its advanced diode array technology makes it possible to determine value-added parameters such as amino acids, fatty acid profile or fermentable starch. Its rapid analysis speed and its easy handling make it possible to analyze large numbers of samples in a short time. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.



A heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer that requires only around 3 grams of ground sample to assess the pasting properties of starch and starch containing products. Suitable for grains (maize, rice, wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, oats, rye, triticale, amaranth, pulses), tubers (potato), roots (sweet potato, cassava), others (sago, banana) etc. Use the standard 13 minute test or customize your own methods. Can be used for wholemeal, flour, starch or formulations. Read more about the RVA.



Small scale (4 gram), z-arm dough mixer and analysis system to determine water absorption and the quality and processing characteristics of flour and dough. Suitable for wheat meal, flour, semolina, additives, rye, durum, triticale and other grains and flours for milling, baking, pasta and Asian products. Customize your own methods, including high energy mixing and programmable mixing speed. Correlate results to standard methods. Read more about the micro-doughLAB.


SKCS 4100

Rapid, automated single kernel analysis makes it possible to determine not only the average qualities of a grain sample, but also the variability of the characteristics. Moisture, hardness, size and weight is determined for each kernel. The results are presented both as averages for the sample and as distribution within the sample. Read more about the SKCS 4100.


Falling Number

The international standard for sprout damage determination. A Falling Number instrument enables you to determine a cultivar’s susceptibility to sprout damage, which still remains a problem for growers of wheat, rye or barley in most parts of the world. Read more about Falling Number.



Wheat protein quality is of highest importance to the baker. No matter how high the protein content is, if the protein quality isn’t there, the bread quality will suffer. The Glutomatic is the internationally standardized method for determination of the quantity and quality of the gluten – the functional part of the wheat – enabling you to predict the bread baking qualities of your wheat cultivars. Read more about the Glutomatic.


Lab mills

Perten Instruments offers a range of lab mills for various needs. Disc mills and hammer mills for Falling Number, Glutomatic, moisture testing and more. Read more about Lab mills.


Inframatic 9500

Rapid, cost efficient NIR analysis of grains and oilseeds. The Inframatic 9500 lets you determine parameters such as moisture, protein, test weight, oil and more in less than a minute. Read more about the Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer


Aquamatic 5200

When moisture and test weight is all you need, the Aquamatic 5200 is the right choice. Based on ground-breaking technology developed by the USDA, it is probably the most accurate moisture meter available. It uses only one calibration for all grains and oilseeds, providing maximum flexibility and minimal hassle. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.