Perten Ethanol customers

Perten Instruments have many installations at ethanol factories in the USA, Europe and Asia. These are a few examples.


DKV is one of the largest German bio-ethanol producer, with a capacity of more than 30,000 m3 per year. They use an Inframatic 9200 for quality testing of wheat and rye, with moisture, starch, specific weight and protein as the primary parameters.

Jilin Fuel & Alcohol Corp.

Jilin Fuel & Alcohol Corp. produces ethanol from corn. At their plant in Jilin in north-eastern China they have two DA 7200s installed. The instruments are used both for raw material quality control, and verification of the finished products. Important tests include starch content in the corn, protein determination in Distiller's Dried Grain (DDG) and ethanol determination in the final distilled product.