Analyzers for ethanol production


DA 7250™ NIR

Analyze grain, fermentation steps and DDGs on one instrument. The DA 7250™ is an advanced, flexible, yet easy-to-use NIR instrument which can analyze all types of samples with no sample preparation. No grinding, no filtration, and the analysis takes only 6 seconds. It can determine moisture, starch and oil in grains; sugars, lactic acid, glycerol, ethanol and more in fermentation broth;  moisture in Wet Distiller's Grain; moisture protein, fibers and more in Dried Distiller's Grain. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.


DA 7300™ NIR In-line

The DA 7300™ NIR In-line is an advanced and rugged instrument for real-time analysis in your process. Using the DA 7300™ ethanol plants can optimize DDG drying and minimize moisture safety margins to save money. Read more about the DA 7300™ NIR In-line.



A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer. The RVA can estimate fermentable starch to predict ethanol yield from grain, determine fermentation quality of grain to mimic the liquefaction process and evaluate enzymes and reaction temperatures to optimize lignocellulose hydrolysis. Read more about the RVA.


Inframatic 9500

For rapid determination of moisture, starch, oil and protein in grains and oilseeds, the Inframatic 9500 is the perfect tool. It is a very dependable analyzer built to last, even when used in harsh environments. Read more about the Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer


Aquamatic 5200

The Aquamatic is probably the most accurate grain moisture meter available. It is based on recent advances by the US Department of Agriculture and is a significant improvement over previous moisture meters. In only 10 seconds it determines moisture and specific weight in all grains and oilseeds, with unparalleled accuracy. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.