doughLAB - Real-world Flour and Dough Rheology for Bakers

The doughLAB measures rheological properties of flour and dough. It's both easy to use and flexible and can help reduce waste and avoid costly shut-downs.

Uses and Benefits

  • Flour: Test incoming flour for water absorption, stability, mixing time tolerance and more. Use the results for controlled use of additives or flour blending.
  • Dough: Test in-process dough straight from the processing line or proof room to optimize consistency and reduce laminating and sheeting process issues and costly shut-downs.
  • Non-Standard Dough: Employing a high speed, high torque motor makes the doughLAB useful for low moisture, stiff dough such as semolina based pasta dough, gluten-free formulations, crumble biscuits dough, and masa based products.

Superior Design

Built-in temperature control and automatic water dispensing provide accurate, repeatable analysis following standard methods. In addition, users can create customized, process simulating protocols with the included software. Many functions are available such as ramped temperature, mixing speed changes, time defined stop of mixing blades for addition of additives, and other special utilities.

New Method Saves Time while Improving Results

The new AACCI 54-70 method "High Speed Mixing Rheology of Wheat Flour Using the doughLAB" reduces test time of flour from 20 to 10 minutes. The high speed method also provides a sharper, more easily identified peak ensuring that bakers receive the quality and consistency of flour required for optimal processing and minimum down-time.

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