Texture Analysis of Baked Products

The TVT is a resourceful, fast and easy to use analyzer which in a simple way measures physical texture properties of a sample.

Simple principle

The instrument has an arm which moves vertically and a load cell that registers the force required to either compress or stretch a sample. Various probes and rigs are available in order to measure the texture of a product in a relevant manner, which could be from either a consumer's perception or a process point of view.

Endless possibilities

No matter if it is the firmness and springiness of a crumb or dough, fracturability of a biscuit, crispiness and stickiness of a pastry, cutting force for a cake or the sealing force of a package that are to be measured, the TVT is a very easy to handle, objective and accurate instrument to use.

The software automatically provides force graphs and calculates mean values and standard deviations for chosen texture parameters which enhances and increases the efficiency for both quality routine controls and developments of new products, recipes or production processes.

Well-established  methods

Many of the existing applications are approved standard methods while additional starting methods can be adjusted to fit customers' individual products and needs.

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