DA 7250™ NIR Analyzer for ingredients and baked products

The DA 7250™ is an accurate and versatile NIR instrument which can analyze constituents such as moisture, protein, ash, fat and sugar in all types of bakery ingredients and finished products.


It is very easy to use, and samples are analyzed in only 6 seconds. Housed in an IP65 rated casing the DA 7250™ is dust and water proof, and thanks to innovative diode array NIR technology it is vibration resistant. This makes it very rugged and it can be placed in the lab or at-line where operators can make the greatest use.


Use it to measure, flour, oils, shortenings, eggs, butter, dairy powders, and other bakery ingredients. Monitor suppliers and incoming materials, make claims, verify nutrition levels, and test pre-mixes and bake mixes. Its open-faced sampling and large analysis area allow it to measure baked goods with minimal sample preparation. The option to use disposable cups for analysis means that no cleaning is required, even when analyzing butter, eggs or other sticky samples.

Established instrument

The DA 7250™ is widely used in the food industry worldwide, and has become the NIR instrument of choice for many companies, including leading global food producers. Users appreciate its accuracy, ruggedness, ease of use and versatility. Perten Instruments has produced NIR instruments since more than 30 years, and the DA 7250™ is our most advanced model ever.

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