Analytical instruments for aquafeed


Rapid Visco Analyser

A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer to assess the gelatinisation characteristics of feed ingredients such as starch, flour and wholemeal using a 13-minute standard test. Also assess enzyme activity such as sprout damage in wheat using a 3-minute standard test. Test pelletized and extruded half-products and finished products for starch degree of cook to assess friability and density. Read more about the RVA.


DA 7250™ NIR Feed Analyzer

Employing the latest NIR technology it determines moisture, protein, fat and more in ingredients and finished feeds with unparalleled accuracy – in only 6 seconds. No grinding, drying or other sample preparation is required, making it the fastest NIR Instrument available. Spectral data collected on other NIR models can be transferred to the DA 7250™, to provide a seamless upgrade from your old equipment. The DA 7250™ typically pays back its own cost in less than a year. Read more about the DA 7250™ NIR.


Laboratory Mills

We offer a range of hammer mills and disc mills which are suitable for sample preparation for a wide range of analytical methods. Read more about Lab mills.


Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Determine moisture and test weight in grains and feed pellets. The Aquamatic is based on recent development work performed by the USDA and is the most accurate moisture meter available. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.