Analytical products and solutions

Perten Instruments provides quality control solutions to the grain, flour, feed and food industries, and has extensive experience from a wide range of applications. Please use the links below to find out what we can do for you.

Grain collection and trade

From small country elevators to large port facilities, we help cooperatives, private traders, inspection laboratories and governmental agencies to monitor grain quality, segregate and optimize grain use.

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Our food quality control solutions are diverse and include a wide range of applications in baked products, brewing, meat processing, French fries, pasta manufacturing, breakfast cereals and more.

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Flour Milling

From Falling Number, flour ash analysis and gluten characterization to rheological data, Perten Instruments has the tools you need for full quality control.

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We provide FTIR milk analyzers and other instruments which help you verify raw materials, optimize your production processes, as well as improve product consistency and fine-tune characteristics.

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Oilseed milling

Determine the composition of oilseeds at intake for immediate pricing decisions, monitor and optimize the extraction and refining processes, and verify that finished oils and by-products meet specifications.

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Whether your products are baked, extruded or deep fried, our analytical solutions will help you save costs and improve quality. The types of analyses we offer include compositional analysis, starch gelatinization characteristics and degree of cook.

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Feed Milling

Test ingredients at intake for enegy value, protein and more, in only 6 second. Optimize formulations, control your process, and verify finished product quality. Analyze degree of cook in extruded feed products.

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Analyzers from Perten help you save money through rapid analysis of key properties of ingredients, mixes, dough, and baked goods.

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Seed breeding

Identify your most promising genotypes by using the wide array of analyzers available from Perten Instruments. Several of our instruments were designed with small breeder samples in mind.

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Pasta and Noodles

Our NIR instruments for lab and process, and rheological equipment for functional testing, help you improve product quality and decrease waste.

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Starch production

Using our Rapid Visco Analyser and NIR instruments you will be able to characterize raw materials, process them efficiently, and make sure your finished starches have the right properties.

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Meat & Meat Products

Improve consistency and optimize production using our NIR instruments for in-process and at-line analysis of fat, moisture, protein and more. Test meat and other ingredients, in-process products and finished products.

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Improve malt quality and yield through increased knowledge of the barley quality and the malting process using NIR and RVA technologies.

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Sugar production

NIR instruments for rapid and accurate testing of raw materials, intermediates and finished sugar.

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Improve product quality and reduce costs simultaneously. Our analyzers test the quality and composition of ingredients, process intermediaries, and finished wet and dry petfood.

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We offer a wide range of instruments for testing of ingredients and finished aquafeeds. It includes compositional analysis as well as starch gelatinization characteristics and determination of degree of cook.

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Ethanol production

Determine the quality of raw materials, evaluate enzymes, monitor fermentation and verify specifications of by-products such as Distiller’s Dried Grain.

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Wood Panels & Composite Boards

Fast and accurate measurements for wood-based product manufacturers including resin load, moisture and more.

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Resin production

Determine dry content, molar ratio and other key resin parameters in as little as 6 seconds.

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Perten offers at-line and on-line NIR instruments for tobacco analysis.

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