Inframatic 9500 - the most modern NIR grain analyzer

The IM 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer is based on industry standard scanning grating transmittance technology, incorporating the latest advances in technology and usability.

Grain analyzers have not changed in many years, until now. With modern electronics and signal amplification for unsurpassed accuracy, and a large color touch screen to meet today’s expectations of easy handling, the IM 9500 sets a new standard.

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UFA AG saves money with NIR in lab and on-line

UFA AG, the leading animal feed producer in Switzerland, decided to invest in both benchtop and in-line NIR instruments from Perten. With these instruments they test ingredients, adjust the process and verify end-product quality. The investment has helped them save costs and maintain product quality.

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AACCI approved doughLAB rapid method

New AACCI method 54-70 for the doughLAB is the only approved high energy flour and dough mixing test. It measures the mixing properties of dough using high energy. Advantages of the test are:

  • Full dough mixing curve in 10 minutes.
  • Better emulation of the high work rates commonly used in the dough mixers that are integral to modern, rapid bake systems.
  • Superior indication of the flour's processing needs, commercial baking results and suitability for modern bakeries.

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